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Photobox is an awarding winning, major provider of customised printed goods and merchandise.


The Constant Media have worked with Photobox for nearly five years after being brought in to take over the hosting, management and support of their pre-existing WordPress blog channels.


In that time we have worked to take several separate WordPress installations, codebases and databases to unify them into a central multi-site, single CMS system. 


We work closely with Photobox content team members to provide maintenance,  support, updates and visual / theming changes to to ensure brand identity is maintained across diverse digital platforms.

Management & support of brand blog channels

Multi-site, multi-locale, WordPress

Major inbound marketing channel

Regular SEO focussed updates

AWS architecture & hosting provision


Regular collaboration with brand content and copy teams


Visual Identity Updates ↥
As brand VI changes, we work collaboratively to ensure blog channels reflect parent branding
Multisite - Single CMS ↥
To streamline CMS editing, increase overall labour efficiency and reduce ongoing costs, The Constant Media unified several wordpress instances into a single CMS and codebase.
Custom SEO Tagging ↥
Custom built WordPress module for creating tags and SEO rich landing pages.

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