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Hendrick’s gin is a premium Scottish gin that has gained a reputation for its unique and distinctive taste. A hugely successful brand, many recognise Hendrick’s Gin as being the drink that started the modern Gin revival, the adventurous brand that “started it all”.

Working with premium London design agency, Purple Creative. TCM were commissioned to build an interactive, branded web-app used as an engagement tool to educate and immerse bar-tenders all over the world into the Hendrick’s brand.

The tool features a fun, highly interactive and dynamic user interface with a series of games and tasks that the users must complete in order to gain their mixology qualification and delivers real-world rewards using an API integration with an online gift-card provider.

The initial launch of the app was highly successful and as a result, further development, functionality and localisation has been continuously added.

Globally available, multi-lingual, brand onboarding web-app.

Custom built Laravel administration system

Highly customised, quirky, fun and dynamic HTML5 user interface.

API Integration with real-world gift-card reward system.

Highly mobile-device focussed and optimised web-app.

Seamless collaboration with luxury digital design agency, Purple Creative.


Video Rich, Engaging Content ↥
The brand is known for it's quirky slant and the interface reflects this with use of amusing, optimised videos for engagement
Highly Unusual Interface ↥
As a brand that likes to ignore convention, the challenge was to build an unconventional and on-brand user interface whilst maintaining a great experience
Dynamic Gamification ↥
The app uses a gamification layer which the user is encouraged to complete in order to gain their qualification and earn a reward. This has been a highly successful brand onboarding tool.

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