Overview is a website that allows users to make charitable donations to a variety of causes, including education, health, and poverty alleviation. Users can browse through a selection of gifts and choose which ones they would like to donate to on behalf of a loved one or friend.


TCM were commissioned for a full Magento 2 rebuild with updated, conversion focussed visual identify and UX and also the migration from a legacy Magento 1 site of all data, content and financial reporting information. The legacy gateway was also updated to use STRIPE for optimal, seamless integation.


The Magento 2 build is highly customised and involved our team designing and building several completely bespoke custom Magento 2 modules from the ground up.


Part of the requirement was also the migration of many years of legacy transactional and reporting data as well as a high-volume of product migrations. The non-standard nature of the data and complexities involved in specialised charitable reporting made this a detailed, painstaking task which had to be meticulously planned and executed.

Complex Magento 1 → Magento 2 Upgrade

Custom build advanced financial reporting modules

Conversion optimisation, UX updates and Stripe payment gateway integration

Performance focussed, SEO, Accessibility, Best Practices

AWS Custom Architecture Design and Hosting

SEO Old to New transitioning


High Volume SKU Migration ↥
A key part of the project was the migration of large numbers of existing SKUs and all associated data. This required a painstaking and detailed field remapping process and meticulous scripting / data validation.
TCM Custom Checkout Modules ↥
To optimise checkout performance and conversion, TCM built custom Magento 2 modules to improve the speed and add a more dynamic, "no reload" system.
Custom Built UI Upgrades ↥
To add dynamism and enhance the user experience, TCM built custom UI updates to interface with existing Magento functionality.

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