Why you need a Website Maintenance Agreement

Launching your new brand website is only the beginning of the online journey.

Website maintenance agreement


We work with big global brands every day. Talk to us about your brand’s digital objectives and we’ll help you achieve them

Have you got a maintenance agreement retainer on your website?

Here are 4 good reasons why a support agreement is an essential investment for your business that offers great value across the year. 

1. Essential maintenance sorted

Technology doesn’t stand still. Whatever system your website or eCommerce store is built on, it will need security patches and software updates as time goes by to ensure everything keeps functioning properly and securely.

  • If your website is customised to your business e.g. not an off the shelf or out of the box product, it will require professional care to keep it performing effectively and prevent errors and downtime.
  • It’s particularly important you keep up to date on security with eCommerce websites. Don’t take risks protecting your customer data and transactions.
  • As your business grows make sure your web hosting grows with you so it can cope with more traffic, customers, storage or functionality.

2. Easy access to tech support

Most business teams can handle simple website updates or product changes using a Content Management System (CMS).

But what if you need something unusual doing that isn’t an obvious CMS function? Like, adding Facebook tracking code to your site, downloading data, changing the design of a page or adding a new widget?

  • A good retainer agreement will include time across the year for reasonable code and content changes. You’ll get a better deal on cost than paying as you go with flexibility built in.
  • Continuity is also important. Timely attention from professionals who really understand your business and website is more valuable than adhoc tinkering.

3. In-depth knowledge on tap

Wondering how to improve the speed of your website or thinking about a new section for your website? Confused about what GDPR means for your online presence? Thinking about upgrading your hosting or software?

  • Researching this stuff if you’re not professionally interested can be daunting. Yet these sorts of decisions can have big implications for your business.
  • With a maintenance agreement you’ve got trusted advisors on hand who know your website and business inside out. It’s in their interest to give you informed, impartial, practical advice appropriate to your brand budget and ambitions.

4. Peace of mind

You might have the most beautifully designed website selling wonderful products or services but what if critical services stop working, the site goes offline or gets hacked?

  • A retainer should include guaranteed response times for emergencies and a ‘Service Level Agreement’ for all other requests, giving you access to professionals you trust when you need them most.
  • Don’t find yourself paying through the nose for emergency services from strangers who don’t know your business or infrastructure.
  • Put your website and your brand reputation in safe hands.

If you don’t have an maintenance agreement for your brand website or if you’re not 100% happy with your current arrangement, talk to us today about the quality and level of support we could provide you with.


We work with big global brands every day. Talk to us about your brand’s digital objectives and we’ll help you achieve them.